Axial Fans

Axial Fans

Our manufacturing program is formed by several types of wheels, which can be differentiated between them by the size of the hub or bucket where the Blades are placed and those are at the same time manufactured to different diameters of blade tips to create the different fan sizes, from 420 mm. to 2070 mm. of duct diameter, which offers the possibility to arrange 6 or 12 blades in each Wheel, which provides benefits up to 425.000 m3/h. against pressures of up to 381 mm cda.

The axial wheels are of aluminium fundition, with the hubs and Blades precision manufacturing which easily allows to change the operating angle of the Blade, being this way the regulation range very wide.

The possible housings are divided in two groups:


SC Axial Fans

These are fans formed by an axial wheel, arranged in the interior of a duct with an appropriate diameter which keeps the gas to boost the same, it admits the arrangement of the Wheel directly coupled to the engine or transmission arrangement with pulleys. The air to be moved must be clean and its maximum temperature should not be higher than 80ºC.

SL Axial Fans

These fans are like the Axial SC, adding a Crown of Blades which directs the way out of the Wheel, which improves the performance of the fan. Being protected both the engine and the bearings and pulleys by an interior duct which supports the Blades in direct contact with air,  this might be slightly dirty (up to 3 g/m3 of suspension dust), also it might be specified up to temperatures of 300 ºC, adding a bearing refrigeration system.


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