Inlet Vanes and Dampers

Dampers are used to alter the performance/restrict the flow of a fan by offering various degrees of resistance. They are used primarily to keep a fan in a stable/required operating condition.

Flexible Joints

Flexible connections are used to isolate movement/vibration associated with fans and are located at a fans inlet and/or outlet connection. Flexibles are also easily removed, offering valuable working space during servicing and/or maintenance of a fan. 

Thermo-acoustic insulation systems

Those are panel systems of special materials for the heat-insulation of the equipment or reduction of the noise generated by the fan.


This accessory eliminates the transfer of vibrations caused by the fan. They are used in these areas of the manufacturing process where the structure of the same so requires.

Operation and Control Systems

The operation and control systems, also known as frequency converters, are used to achieve different operation points through the rotation speed of the fan wheel.  We use frequency converters of the most important brands or at the request of the Client.

Electric Motor

The electric engine is the equipment which is used to activate the fan. 

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